Lacrosse Massage Ball

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Actifoam Lacrosse Massage Ball can be used before or after the workout.


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Benefits: Increases joint range of motion and muscle performance. Relieves muscle knots and sore spots quickly. Decreases fatigue and soreness after exercise.

Color Firmness Level
Black Firm Advanced
Black Pink Medium-Firm Intermediate-Beginner
Black Blue Medium-Firm Intermediate-Beginner
Black Yellow Medium-Firm Intermediate-Beginner
Black Orange Medium-Firm Intermediate-Beginner
Black Green Medium-Firm Intermediate-Beginner

Medium-firm Actifoam massage balls are perfect for beginner and intermediate athletes; they come in five colors: black-pink, black-blue, black-yellow, black-orange and black-green. Medium-firm Actifoam massage balls can be used by almost anyone and help reduce muscle soreness.

Black Actifoam massage balls are firm and are of higher density. These ones are for the athletes who have super-tight muscles or for anyone who’s experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness. Black Actifoam Lacrosse Massage Balls may hurt when using.

Warning:Actifoam Lacrosse Ball can not be used for the sport of lacrosse. It is a light foam ball which is used for self-massage therapy.

Product Specifications: 8 cm in diameter.

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Medium Firm, Firm


Black Blue, Black Pink, Black Orange, Black Green, Black Yellow, Black

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